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SA-WEET Icons!

An icon journal...really it is!!

External Services:
  • saweet_icons@livejournal.com

Here are the Rules:
1. Don't Hotlink! That is so not nice!
2. Credit saweet_icons when you use one of my icons! That is so nice!
3. Please comment telling me what you took just so I can have an idea of what is liked and how I am doing and all that jazz.
4. Be nice! This is just a new hobby of mine and I wanted to start sharing the stuff I have been making.
5. Feel free to friend my journal if you like my icons!
6. Don't alter any of my icons. At all. Just...NO!

Resources: so-juicy.net; the following users at www.deviantart.com: BlaclyStuff, darkgarden, candycrack, smuffster, masterjinn, winterchaos, mutsie, and spikesbint;
Awesome textures by pink_cosmos, silverqe, loupiotte, tearjerkericons, and phaantasia @ dustypaper.
Amazing brushes by hellodarliing and sir.

If I have used something of yours that you wish to receive credit for PLEASE leave me a comment so that I can add you to my resource list! I wouldn't want anyone to go without credit!

Check out sexy_mood_music:

I am Elinor Dashwood!

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